International Water Week Conference

A unique platform for connecting the global water community and setting the agenda

The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is a unique platform that connects those who face challenges with those who have solutions. This year, 2018, was the year for the global water community to set the agenda for the next and fifth conference.

Agenda setting water summit in Rotterdam

In the spirit of the Dutch practical approach to life the AIWW Conference, part of AIWW, is an action-oriented event. It supports stakeholders in finding practical solutions for progress on water issues. Dutch expertise can play a vital role, one of the reasons why NWP has co-organised this event since 2011. In 2018, we supported the AIWW Summit stepping stone event in preparation of the AIWW Conference in 2019.

AIWW Summit 2018
This was the first time that NWP was involved in organising the AIWW Summit, part of the biennial Amsterdam International Water Week, and it was very successful. Two hundred delegates from 25 countries worked on water related challenges, and connected these challenges with adjoining areas such as energy and urban planning, thereby creating a more integrated approach. NWP was responsible for the event’s logistics and marketing & communications, and it supported its partner organiser IWC Conferences to put together an inspiring programme.

We also invited our international network to play an active part in setting the global water agenda for the AIWW Conference in 2019, as well as for other future water events. The AIWW Summit as stepping stone event for the AIWW Conference 2019 was sponsored by Accenture, Arcadis, Evides, Nijhuis Industries, PWN, Vewin, Vitens and Waternet, most of which are also NWP Members. Support for the summit also came from the international organisations IWA and WSSTP, and the Dutch Government through the Partners for Water Programme.

AIWW Summit 2018

Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Minister
of Infrastructure and Water

Amsterdam Agreements
The Amsterdam Agreements that were signed at the 2017 AIWW Conference were reviewed during the AIWW Summit in Rotterdam and new agreements were signed. These powerful public commitments connect case owners and partners, encouraging them to develop and implement integrated solutions and securing practical progress on water issues. NWP and FMO NL Business renewed their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to help close the gap between international water projects and finance.

NWP and FMO renew MoU

Roelof Kruize (middle)

Member AIWW Managing Board and CEO of Waternet

“With the AIWW Summit we certainly succeeded in our objectives: to set the agenda for international water and climate adaptation events” – Roelof Kruize


Water & Cities

There is a deeper awareness that we need greater international collaboration to build a global water community

Global movement
The AIWW Summit was an important milestone in the momentum of the global water community to re-enter dialogue and build on the connections made at other events. One of the outcomes of the AIWW Summit is a deeper awareness that we need greater international collaboration to build a global water community that is based on sharing instead of competition.


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