Summer school for knowledge exchange

Dutch embassies are an important link between the Dutch water sector and local governments, municipalities, water sector and other stakeholders. To maximise the opportunities and learn how to strengthen each other’s efforts, NWP organised a Summer School.

Local staff responsible for water policy at the Dutch embassies in Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, the Palestinian territories and South Sudan, visited the Netherlands for a Summer School in August 2018. On the Summer School agenda were several meetings with key players in the Dutch water sector. In addition, the embassy staff learned about Dutch policy on water and development and about relevant programmes and subsidy schemes for their countries. They took the knowledge gained during the Summer School back to their countries, where they are working with the Netherlands on strengthening their local water sectors.


Local staff of Dutch embassies
participated in the Summer School
to learn more about the Dutch water sector

Finance for Water
High on the agenda was the topic of appropriate finance. One of the components of the Summer School was the Finance for Water workshop, which was given by two experts from the NWP Pool of Financial Engineering Experts. Financing water projects is becoming increasingly important. The huge funding gap worldwide between now and 2030 is currently estimated at around EUR 1,000 billion.

Money will follow
As Arthur Gleijm, one of the two finance experts, emphasises, “In fact, it is not so much a shortage of money as a lack of water projects with a profitable business case and a healthy risk-return ratio. Embassy employees can play a hugely useful role in identifying these types of projects early and linking them to Dutch entrepreneurs. This was one of the topics we discussed during the workshop. If these type of solid projects are identified, the money will follow.”

The Summer School was organised by NWP and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( within the framework of the Water Support Programme. This programme supports Dutch embassies to design appropriate water strategies to support sustainable water management locally and to identify where Dutch water expertise can be of added value, based on local demand. The Summer School concept offers a unique opportunity for water staff at embassies to catch up with the latest developments.

“It is not so much a shortage of money as a lack of water projects with a profitable business case and a healthy risk-return ratio.”

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