Stockholm World Water Week

Achieving the SDG6 goal on water is a prerequisite for achieving all other SDGs. With this statement in mind, NWP facilitated a collaborative pavilion at the Stockholm World Water Week 2018.

photo: Nils Petter Nilsson

The Stockholm World Water Week (SWWW) is Europe’s leading event on water policies and knowledge exchange between scientists, policy makers, private sector and civil society organisations. It is always buzzing with new insights, inspirational sessions and workshops, networking opportunities and more. This year the focus was on ‘Water, ecosystems and human development’.

Netherlands Pavilion in Stockholm
NWP facilitated a Netherlands Pavilion in Stockholm for the first time, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Seven organisations, including Blue Deal, VIA Water and IRC, joined the pavilion to showcase their ideas and projects. Many Dutch organisations contributed to SWWW’s conference programme. NWP was also responsible for reporting on the different activities. News items on this were published by editor Jac van Tuijn on the website, an initiative supported by the Partners for Water Programme.

Sustainable Development Goals … connecting the dots
NWP coordinated and promoted Dutch involvement at SWWW and was also responsible for the overarching theme of the pavilion. The ‘Sustainable Development Goals … connecting the dots’ theme really brought the link between Water (SDG6), the challenges of Finance (SDG10), Migration (SDG16) and Urban resilience (SDG 11 and 13) to life.

Sandra Borst, Project Officer Events at NWP said that “The Dutch water sector has always been actively involved in the SWWW. It is considered one of the must-visit water events. This was the first time that we had a strong commitment from the sector to organise a Netherlands Pavilion. NWP facilitated, in close cooperation with the Dutch government, an extensive programme in the Pavilion that really contributed to the ongoing dialogue in Stockholm. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the ‘meeting point’ we created for people to come together and catch up.”

Financing water projects
SWWW was the ideal setting to discuss the opportunities and challenges of financing water projects with private monies. To close the finance gap, Joseph Murabula of the Kenya Innovative Financing Facility on Water (KIFFWA) sat on the famous ‘Sofa’ in Stockholm to talk about ‘unlocking water infrastructure financing’ with a special focus on nexus financing. NWP is one of the partners that set up KIFFWA. NWP actively supported Mr Murabula in Stockholm in finding new Kenyan projects to bring to financial close with new forms of finance. And inspiring others with KIFFWA’s approach to blended finance. KIFFWA is set up to tackle the vast water challenges in Kenya and to close the tremendous financing gap to address those challenges.

The extensive programme in the Pavilion really contributed to the ongoing dialogue in Stockholm

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