Water & Cities

The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is part of a bigger, global movement that inspires and attracts various players, including city leaders, to find new solutions for a sustainable water environment. 

Several international water events were held in 2018, including the AIWW Summit, COP24 and the Singapore International Water Week. They were great opportunities for NWP to put Water & Cities on the map.

Water & Cities
NWP’s objective is to boost connections between water and cities. In a demand driven approach, it continuously works towards bringing city leaders, stakeholders and solution providers together to achieve results. The AIWW Summit 2018 was an important platform for this. NWP, in the lead for the City Leaders Forum at the AIWW, rolled out its strategy for Water & Cities at the AIWW Summit 2018, connected initiatives and took advantage of the momentum created by the international water agenda. But achieving real impact calls for a long-term and repetitive approach, and this was only one step in a bigger process.

NWP boosts connections between water and cities

Connecting city leaders
The intense and focused environment of an international event can act as an accelerator for cooperation that is based on sharing experiences, knowledge and connections. The Amsterdam Agreements of the AIWW are a good example of this. New partnerships were also signed at COP24, the UN Climate Conference. On Urban Day at COP24, Polish and Dutch organisations took the initiative to collaborate on the development of ‘climate adaptive cities’. As co-implementer of the Partners for Water Programme, NWP facilitated this so called European Urban Water Partnership.

A key element of the cooperation within the partnership is ‘learning by doing’. The city leaders of Wroclaw, Breda and Zwolle will join forces on their urban climate adaptation projects which will ultimately create resilient urban environments. This partnership is an important outcome of the AIWW Conference 2017 City Leaders Forum and the AIWW Summit 2018.

NWP also put the theme of Water & Cities high on the agenda of the Singapore International Water Week 2018. It organised a special session at the Netherlands Pavilion that attracted mayors of numerous large cities to share water related challenges. The city leaders exchanged ideas and potential solutions, underlining the importance of cooperation.

Collaboration on ‘climate adaptive cities’ connects city leaders

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