YEP Programmes’ customised training successful

NWP implements YEP Programmes through which 404 young Dutch and international water professionals in 38 countries have taken their first steps in an international water environment. In 2018, a new YEP Programme was developed called YEP Tailor-made.

YEP Tailor-made designs customised training and coaching programmes and in 2018 it launched the careers of 24 young international professionals.

Open for new ideas
The training programme is part of a special collaboration between YEP Programmes and WaterWorX. After completing their YEP Tailor-made training, three Dutch Young Experts were deployed by Dutch embassies in Kenya, Rwanda and Benin in 2018. Programme manager Marjon Reiziger is proud of YEP Tailor-made. “We have not sat still over the last five years. We constantly looked at questions like what’s happening on the market, how can we best anticipate what may happen, what new tools and methods can we use. We are continuously innovating. Around us, we see that training programmes can often be quite static and hardly change in years. We want to be dynamic and adaptive so that we always offer what is required.”

This approach and the fact that we have already trained and coached more than 400 young professionals, has enabled us to build a fantastic YEP Global Network over the past years. Our innovative approach is also constantly being moulded by young people who are usually full of ideas. And we are really open to their ideas and support new initiatives. Some alumni are now YEP trainers themselves, for instance in the online masterclass on business development in other cultures. Isn’t that great?”

A special collaboration between YEP Programmes and WaterWorX

Photo: weekend YEP Ethiopia to
reflect on personal development

YEP Effect

YEP Programmes launched two editions (no 3 and 4) of the YEP Effect magazine in 2018 showing the impact of the programme.


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YEP alumni are stronger, more self-confident and present themselves well.

Expanding to other sectors
“Next to YEP Tailor-made, I can also see opportunities to expand to other sectors and ministries. For example, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has shown an interest in assigning young professionals through YEP Programmes on the themes of renewable energy and empowerment (sexual reproductive health and human rights, education and gender). And who knows what else may be in the pipeline.”

Benefits for young professionals
“We have noticed that the YEP Programmes concept is catching on in practice. YEP alumni are stronger, more self-confident and present themselves well. They have the know-how to tap into available knowledge and use their networks effectively.

One such YEP alumni is Martina Groenemeijer, who was employed by the Practica Foundation. She became product manager at the Futurepump project in Kenya, where she conducted two years of research into the effectiveness of the solar irrigation pump. The product works, Futurepump Ltd. was set up to run the world-wide distribution and now she is employed there. In short: it is good for the young experts, local people and for the sector. That’s why we do it!”

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