International network

Collaborating with international partners on the water challenges we are facing is pivotal to finding sustainable solutions. NWP actively reached out to embassies, local governments and networks, international finance institutions and other potential partners in 2018 to share expertise and to learn from each other.

Study Tours
NWP brought international entities in contact with the Dutch water sector; facilitated visits; and organised workshops to share knowledge. Study tours, such as between the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and NWP and the World Bank and NWP, are a proven method to supply international project managers with practical tools on improving water management. At the request of the ADB, 35 international project managers visited the Netherlands in 2018. This type of collaboration with international finance institutions whereby they see the added value of Dutch water expertise, can be of vital importance for future cooperation and assignments.

ADB study tour
Welcome to the Netherlands

The basis for collaboration is sharing knowledge and experience, through organising study tours and missions

Smart Dutch solutions for Jordan

NWP frequently hosted international delegations visiting the Netherlands and facilitated Dutch delegations visiting other countries. As was the case with the Jordan-Netherlands scoping mission in 2018. Conversations with local farmers hit by increasing aridity showed the importance of a long-term vision on water management as well as for quick and practical solutions. NWP worked closely with the Dutch Embassy in Jordan to facilitate an intensive programme for 21 Dutch experts from 17 organisations.

22 Missions

NWP organised 22 missions in 2018, with the support of several Dutch Government’s programmes.


New ways to share knowledge
As a country, the Netherlands has always looked for ways to share knowledge and expertise. NWP supports this by finding new ways to forge international collaboration. To this end we organised our first ‘Summer School’ in 2018 for local embassy staff responsible for water diplomacy. They are the linchpin between the Dutch and the local water sector, and as such are essential for the Dutch water sector to explore new markets and opportunities. Another first was a visit from our sister organisation PLAMA, a platform for the Mozambican water sector. Both being network organisations, this visit was set up to exchange knowledge and expertise between NWP and PLAMA. It also introduced PLAMA to the Dutch water sector.

Summer school for knowledge exchange

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