Promotion of the Dutch water sector

Putting Dutch water expertise on the map. That is the objective of the international promotion activities that NWP sets up and implements. Its clear message is ‘Let’s work together’.

The Netherlands Pavilion’s create maximum visibility for the Dutch water sector

In 2018, NWP was responsible for the design and organisation of the Netherlands Pavilion at numerous international water events. At all events, the Pavilion’s aim was to create maximum visibility for the sector. It was a clearly recognisable ‘living room’ for the sector amidst the hectic environment that international exhibitions often can be. The Pavilion offered Dutch water organisations the opportunity to explore new markets and meet potential clients and partners. And with minimal effort because NWP took care of most of the logistics of joining an international event.

MTD in Tokyo with one goal: the 2020 Olympic Games

‘Our Holland Pavilions were visited by 14,450 people’


Every year NWP compiles an inventory of the most important water events, where the new opportunities lie and the most potentially interesting countries. In terms of the water events, it looks at both large events and at small, more focused events.

Highlights & partners
The real highlights for NWP in 2018 were the World Water Forum (WWForum) in Brasilia, the Singapore International Water Week, the AIWW Summit 2018 in Rotterdam and the Stockholm World Water Week. NWP’s involvement is tailored to each event, depending on where we can add the most value. At the WWForum we coordinated the Dutch contribution which included developing a shared message and intensive coordination and consultation with the sector preceding the event. The shared message formed the backdrop of the Netherlands Pavilion and was very well received by international visitors.

Dutch participation in World Water Forum Brazil
Promising matches for industrial waste water in South Africa

NWP often collaborates with national network organisations such as Water Alliance and ENVAQUA, and international partners such as WISA (South Africa) and PLAMA (Mozambique) to have maximum impact at trade fairs worldwide. We also partner Dutch embassies to connect the Dutch water sector to the local sector and potential partners. Most of our international promotional activities are initiated within the framework of the Partners for Water Programme.

Extra visibility
The www.dutchwatersector.com website sits at the centre of NWP’s promotional activities. It is an important platform that showcases Dutch water expertise. The website received about 120,000 visitors in 2018, of which 75% were international visitors. To make sure that we had all the latest news on the activities of the Dutch water sector, in 2018 DWS editor Jac van Tuijn travelled to numerous international trade fairs and conferences worldwide to cover their stories.


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