International impact

NWP’s strong international outreach is supported by its strategic cooperation in several governmental programmes. These programmes offer support in different ways, making them strong tools to facilitate the Dutch water sector to have an even greater impact internationally. And with great results.

If you joined one or more NWP activities in the last year, chances are that they were part of one of the governmental programmes that NWP co-implements. Our partnership with the Dutch Government means that we can create new opportunities for the Dutch Water Sector and strengthen cooperation between government, knowledge institutes, industry and NGOs. In 2018, NWP partnered YEP Programmes, the Partners for Water Programme, Water Support Programme, DSS water and DRR-Team, KIFFWA and TKI Water Technology. We highlight just three of the programmes below.

YEP Programmes’ customised training successful

YEP Programmes
YEP Programmes offers young Dutch and international professionals the opportunity to gain international experience through Dutch organisations. In YEP Programmes, NWP, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform strive to ensure the continued availability of international expertise in the water and agrifood sectors. Next to YEP Water and YEP Agrofood, YEP Programmes is also exploring new opportunities and collaborations such as on energy.

In 2018, YEP celebrated its fifth anniversary. In those five years, it has kickstarted the careers of 352 Young Experts. That this successful approach is paying off was demonstrated by the deployment of another 27 young professionals under the YEP Tailor-made label, in collaboration with amongst others WaterWorX, in 2018.

Together, NWP and YEP Programmes contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by deploying Young Experts, and stimulate cross-sectoral collaboration between water and agrifood.


NWP facilitated collaboration in over 40 countries in 2018, for instance as co-implementor of the Partners for Water Programme


Partners for Water Programme
One of the main goals of NWP, not only as co-implementer of the Partners for Water Programme, is to stimulate cooperation between the Dutch and international water sectors. The Partners for Water Programme supports that by offering the Dutch water sector help to tap into foreign markets, and to use its expertise to promote water safety and water security worldwide. The Programme is the main supporter of the International Water Ambition of the Dutch Government which includes intensive cooperation on water management in 15 countries: Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Philippines, Poland, United States, Vietnam and South Africa. In 2018, NWP provided support to all these countries.

Green light for collaboration with Chile

One of the regions that offered opportunities in 2018 for the Dutch water sector was Latin America. To this end, the Partners for Water Programme facilitated a mission to Chile by Henk Ovink, special envoy for International Water Affairs, to explore further cooperation. The Programme has a broad mandate that focuses on cooperation at country, regional and city level; cooperation on themes such as agrifood and finance; and promotion of the Dutch Water Sector through events, international branding and communications.

Expected growth for water technology

TKI Water Technologie
The Dutch Water Technology sector is a highly knowledge-intensive and innovative sector. This creates a solid base for the increasing demand of water technology expertise worldwide. NWP released a new report in 2018 on the Economic value of the Dutch Water Technology sector, commissioned by Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Water Technology Foundation (Topconsortium Kennis en Innovatie (TKI) Watertechnologie). It reveals a promising future for Dutch Water Expertise.

Download the report here


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